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Halloween Quiz


1. Every Halloween, Charlie Brown helps his friend Linus wait for what
character to appear? 

Witchy Poo

The Great Pumpkin

Super Mario Bros

Snoopy's Father



2. "This is Ripley, last survivor of The Nostromo, signing off." Is a quote from what movie?  Bonus - name the character and the actor who spoke the lines.




Dark Star



3. What do folk traditionally "bob" for at Halloween parties?

Candy Corn





4. Who was the star of The Shining?  Bonus - what is perhaps the most famous line of the movie?

Jack Parr

Jack Nicholson

Jack Alberts

Ed Harris



5. Which country celebrates "The Day of the Dead" instead of Halloween?







6. It hasn't happened since 1955 and won't happen again until 2020 - but, it
did happen in 2001?

A total eclipse of the Sun on Halloween

A lunar eclipse on Halloween

A comet passing by Earth on Halloween

A Blue Moon on Halloween



7. What "phobia" do you suffer from if you have an intense fear of Halloween?







8. What was the name of the character who was The Nightmare on Elm Street?

Freddy Krueger


Norman Bates

Hannibal Lector



9. What is the name of the serial killer in the film "Halloween"?

Hannibal Lector

Son of Sam


Michael Myers



10. Halloween is celebrated on the eve of what Christian holiday?

October Fest

All Saints Day

All Hallows Eve

All Souls Day


11 In Scotland, what vegetable was traditionally carved into a jack-o-lantern?

A pumpkin

A turnip

A radish

A beet



12) Tim Curry plays the most frightening clown in the whole world in what
movie?  Bonus Points - Name the author of the book.



I Know What You Did

The Shining




13. What is fear of the number 13 called?







14) "I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner." This line comes from what movie?  Bonus points - who says it.

Adams Family


Silence of the Lambs

Freak Show



15. Name the male star in the 1995 movie Seven.

Shawn Penn

Brad Pitt

Charlie Sheen

Emilio Estivez



16. Pumpkins grow on . . . .

A bush

A tree

A trellis

A vine


17) Halloween originated from a festival celebrated by what ancient European tribe?

The Anglos

The Celts

The Saxons

The Serbs



18. What was the name of the priest in The Exorcist?

Father Anthony

Father Karras

Father Michael

Father Bernard



19) Who said "A boy's best friend is his mother" Bonus points: name the movie. Name the actor.


Norman Bates

Freddy Kruger

David Horrovitz



20. What are male witches called?

High Priests








21. In the movie Halloween what movie were the children watching?

Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Thing


Rosemary's Baby



22. In the phatom of the Opera what instrument was the phatom playing?

A Flute

A Piano

A  Guitar

An Organ


23. What do children go Trick or Treating for?

Silver Coins

Candy and all sorts of good goodies


Small Toys



I don't remember who sent this one - I apologize for that!

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