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'Twas Halloween night and all through the sky,
The clouds hid the moon as the bats glided by.
I was dressed all in white in my mama's old sheet,
Walking with friends down the ghost-haunted street.

All the kids were dressed in bright costumed array,
While flashlights and street lights guided our way.
We giggled and laughed as we hurried to each door,
Ringing or knocking, then laughing some more.

There were pumpkins aglow and skeletons dangling,
Scarecrows and shadows and silver chains clanging.
Grownups in masked faces opened doors in greeting,
As we stood with our bags and waited for treating.

Some people say that we should not have this night,
That too many kids are harmed by the sights or the fright
But it's the one time a year when we can pretend to be
Someone else for a while, not you - not even me.

Let them celebrate now, as the bats glide on by,
For childhood is brief, like the blink of an eye.
Listen to their laughter and let the children be
Someone else for a while, not you and not even me.

Halloween Information-Songs-Party Ideas-Stories-Etc ] Recipes - Index to the Halloween Recipes ] Halloween Midis ] Halloween Jokes ] Halloween Quiz ] Halloween Card from Spike & Jamie ] Garden of Friendship Trick or Treat Gift ]

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Percentage of Americans who are afraid of Dracula: 24 

Percentage who are afraid of Michael Jackson: 37 

When the next full moon on Halloween will occur: 2020 

Amount spent each year on Halloween candy by U.S. consumers: $1.93 billion 

Amount spent on Halloween costumes each year: $1.5 billion 

More apples are sold during Autumn than any other time of year used for caramel apples,
placed in buckets of fresh water for apple bobbing, homemade apple pies, etc.


Made a bunker in his litter box. 

Stacks his hairballs into the shape of Devil's Tower, Wyoming, USA 

Begins to show signs that he cares whether or not you exist. 

Keeps loading up on tech stocks regardless of your advice. 

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